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Data Visualisation in: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

posted on 2022-10-12, 14:15 authored by Jacob MacdonaldJacob Macdonald, Christopher WildChristopher Wild, Gemma IvesGemma Ives

Data Visualisation Community Group

As data grow and outreach opportunities become more plentiful, data visualisation is becoming an increasingly vital skill for researchers. The data visualisation community of practice seeks to bring together researchers from across the university to share techniques, discuss new or useful technology, get feedback on workflows and gather ideas from a wide community.

Slides from the launch event on 2022-10-11

Running in conjunction with Data Science Interest Group. We explored the practice of data visualisation in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. We heared two talks to stimulate discussion; the first from Jacob Macdonald (Urban Studies and Planning) and the second from Christopher Wild (Research and Innovation IT).

Jacob Macdonald

Jacob talked about techniques for translating complex research into effective visuals.

Christopher Wild

Chris talked about how we can understand generalisation through visualisation.



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