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Mapping the development of critical information behaviour through school and university

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posted on 2017-07-14, 08:48 authored by Sheila WebberSheila Webber, Nigel FordNigel Ford, Andrew Madden, Mary CrowderMary Crowder
Paper presented at the 2017 i3 (information interactions and impact) conference in Aberdeen, Scotland, on June 28 2017. The authors are Sheila Webber, Professor Nigel Ford, Mary Crowder (University of Sheffield Information School, UK) and Dr Andrew Madden (Sun Yat-Sen University, China). It reports selected findings from an AHRC-funded project. An ANOVA was conducted on data from 1,375 students (700 school and 675 university students) to see what differences in relation to the information behaviour variables differentiated different year groups


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