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Efficient Surrogate Modeling for Sustainable Management of Complex Seawater Intrusion-Impacted Aquifers: Progress Report 2022

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posted on 2023-03-06, 11:13 authored by Domenico BauDomenico Bau, alex mayer


The overarching goal of the proposed research is the sustainable management of water resources in coastal regions with diverse geological, hydro-technical and governance settings. Pressures on water resources in coastal regions are already great and are expected to intensify due to increasing populations, standards of living and impacts from climate change and sea level rise (SLR). We focus on coastal areas where aquifer over-drafting has caused seawater intrusion (SWI), thus

deteriorating groundwater quality, and where SLR is expected to further reduce availability of fresh groundwater. Solutions to these problems involve combinations of more efficient pumping schemes, demand reduction, and technological interventions such as desalination. However, determining optimal solutions for these problems poses extreme computational demands. This project will greatly advance the development and application of simulation-optimization (SO) by developing computationally efficient, robust, and accurate surrogate models for coastal groundwater systems.


UK EPSRC: Grant ref no. EP/T018542/1

US NSF Award no. 1903405



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