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Guidance for designing n-of-1 trials (the DIAMOND project)

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posted on 2023-02-03, 10:46 authored by Olivia Hawksworth, Steven JuliousSteven Julious, Robin ChattersRobin Chatters, Stephen SennStephen Senn, Andrew Cook

n-of-1 trials are multi-period crossover trials designed to evaluate health technologies within individual patients. The DIAMOND project (Development of a generalisable methodology for n-of-1 trials delivery for very low volume treatments) was undertaken to facilitate the application of n-of-1 trials, particularly in rare disease research, by producing guidance on the design, implementation, and analysis of n-of-1 trials.

The project was reviewed by the University of Sheffield’s School of Health and Related Research’s independent Ethics Committee (application number 039799). 



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