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An automatic method for the identification and mapping of hummock corridors

This code has been developed to facilitate rapid and automatic mapping of former subglacial meltwater pathways (hummock corridors) on palaeo-ice sheet beds. It uses a series of image processing techniques to isolate hummock corridors from their background relief. The resulting map can be imported into a GIS and overlain on high resolution digital elevation data to explore the large-scale spatial distribution and morphological characteristics of these features.

See the paper associated with this work for a more detailed discussion:
Lewington, E.L.M. Livingstone, S.J. Sole, A.J. Clark, C.D. Ng, F.S. (2019). An Automated Method for Mapping Geomorphological Expressions of Former Subglacial Meltwater Pathways (Hummock Corridors) From High Resolution Data. Geomorphology. doi:

Please also read the README.txt file for more information about running the code and altering the variables.


A NERC funded doctoral training partnership ACCE DTP 37 721 (NE/L002450/1) awarded to Emma L.M. Lewington