Algorithms and models for autonomous crowds tracking with box particle filtering and convolution particle filtering

2016-09-02T13:26:28Z (GMT) by Allan De Freitas Lyudmila Mihaylova
Models and algorithms for autonomous crowds tracking are developed. The algorithms are: a Convolutional particle filter, a Box particle filter and a sampling importance resampling (SIR) particle filter. The programs are modular and self-contained. 

Code linked to the paper: "Autonomous Crowds Tracking with Box Particle Filtering and Convolution Particle Filtering", Automatica, vol. 69, pp. 380-394, July 2016.

The Convolutional particle filter and the SIR particle filter are implemented and compared with the Box particle filter in a modular way. The Box particle filter requires a library called Intlab for operation.

This library can be purchased and downloaded from: