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Algorithms and models for autonomous crowds tracking with box particle filtering and convolution particle filtering

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posted on 2016-09-02, 13:26 authored by Allan De FreitasAllan De Freitas, Lyudmila MihaylovaLyudmila Mihaylova
Models and algorithms for autonomous crowds tracking are developed. The algorithms are: a Convolutional particle filter, a Box particle filter and a sampling importance resampling (SIR) particle filter. The programs are modular and self-contained.

Code linked to the paper: "Autonomous Crowds Tracking with Box Particle Filtering and Convolution Particle Filtering", Automatica, vol. 69, pp. 380-394, July 2016.

The Convolutional particle filter and the SIR particle filter are implemented and compared with the Box particle filter in a modular way. The Box particle filter requires a library called Intlab for operation.

This library can be purchased and downloaded from:


Bayesian Tracking and Reasoning over Time grant EP/K021516/1 (R/138616-11-1);Tracking in Complex Sensor Systems grant 607400 (R/138948-11-1)



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