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Departmental FAIR checklists

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Project overview: A pilot project was conducted in April-July 2022 to create discipline-specific guidance on how to make research data and software FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable & reusable) in seven departments across the University of Sheffield: Architecture, Biosciences, English, Geography, Mechanical Engineering, Psychology, and the School of Health and Related Research.

Methodology: Early Career Researchers and PGR students were commissioned to work as FAIR departmental leads, working with disciplinary colleagues to identify existing good practice and create a resource for researchers working within that area. Consultation was conducted and feedback sought, before the resources were launched and hosted at a local level as well as being archived to ORDA.

Checklist creators:

Architecture: Tha'er Abdalla 

Biosciences:  Deniz Simsek and Zuzanna Zagrodzka 

English: Daniel Bowman and Yi Liu 

Geography: Nerea Okong’o and Itzel Pineda  

Mechanical Engineering: Matt Tipuric and James Wingham

Psychology: Shuangke Jiang and Asia Szczepaniak 

School of Health and Related Research - resource to be added later.

Note: the Biosciences team ultimately created a Google Site version of their checklist as they felt this was more easily negotiable by researchers. It has not been possible to archive this.

The project was organised by the Scholarly Communications Team, University of Sheffield Library, who also provided support to the checklist creators.



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