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Recording Harms in Behavioural change Intervention Trials (RHABIT) Project Protocol

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posted on 2023-06-23, 09:19 authored by Diana PapaioannouDiana Papaioannou, Sienna Hamer-KiwaczSienna Hamer-Kiwacz, Cara MooneyCara Mooney, Kirsty Sprange, Gwenllian Moody, Cindy CooperCindy Cooper, Alicia O'CathainAlicia O'Cathain

This is the protocol for the RHABIT (Recording Harms in Behavioural change Intervention Trials) project and describes the research taking place, including the methods that will be used in the study as well as the planned outputs.

The aim of the RHABIT project is to collaborate across several CTUs to determine appropriate practice for the collection and recording of harms in BCI trials to develop principles, considerations, and recommendations. It consists of 4 work packages (WP): WP1 Scoping review of literature to identify definitions, typologies, instruments, and suggested principles for recording harms in behavioural change intervention (BCI) trials; WP2 Qualitative interviews with clinical trials unit (CTU) and NIHR investigators involved in designing and delivering BCI trials; WP3 Workshop(s) to review guidance for recording harms in BCI trials; and WP4 Suggested principles and considerations for harms recording in BCI trials.

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