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Statistical and Health Economic Analysis Plan for the QUIT hospital-based smoking cessation service

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posted on 2023-07-01, 10:43 authored by Duncan GillespieDuncan Gillespie, Laura FlightLaura Flight, Matthew FranklinMatthew Franklin

This document details the proposed statistical and health economic analyses for the QUIT hospital-based tobacco dependence treatment service. 

The document is divided into sections that represent the main components of the analyses proposed. 

This document represents the ‘core’ statistical and health economic analysis plan, which was developed with a focus on the acute inpatient setting to stimulate ongoing discussions which will inform the development of supplementary analysis plans for the other settings (i.e., specific considerations for specific settings, but following the core analyses detailed in this document).


The University of Sheffield was commissioned by Yorkshire Cancer Research to undertake this service evaluation of the QUIT service as a consultancy project (SA/R117). The University has used further funds from Research England to generate knowledge to enhance the impact of this work [QR-Policy Support Fund].



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