Living With Data research

Posted on 2023-01-14 - 10:57 authored by Monika Fratczak

Living With Data ( was a research project funded by The Nuffield Foundation. It aimed to understand people’s perceptions of how data about them is collected, analysed, shared and used, and how these processes could be improved. The term ‘data uses’ was used as a short and accessible way of talking to people about these processes. The Living With Data website includes a full description of the research aims and of the methods used, and links to all publications that resulted from the project. Links to the visualisations we used in our interviews and focus group research can be found here:


Kennedy, Helen; Oman, Susan; Ditchfield, Hannah; Fratczak, Monika; Taylor, Mark; Bates, Jo; et al. (2022): Living With Data research. The University of Sheffield. Collection.
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The Nuffield Foundation: Grant number OSP/43959


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